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Becky, thanks for being my solid support! It leaves my mind free to do my counseling work… I am filled up with clients, I get 3-4 per month from my website. Just the right people I want to work with - it works like a charm. 

- Gabriele Hilberg
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Reviews From Real Therapists
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"I’ve used almost every aspect of CounselingWise’s services, and our practice is busy, compliments regarding our web presence and content are offered regularly. You can be the best therapist on the block, but if folks don’t know how and where to find you – what’s the point?"

 Currently, DCG has 10 page-one rankings, and the combination of their targeted AdWords campaign and organic ranking gives the practice a credibility that cannot be gained from advertising alone. In short order, Jim and Nancy were able to establish their practice in a new city and move from insurance panels to private pay clients. In fact, they have increased their gross income while cutting caseload in half, which even gave Jim time to restart his forensic practice – in addition to his clinical practice – in December of 2014.

—  Dr. Jim Davidson, PhD – Davidson Counseling Group
“It’s important to think about your site not only from your own perspective but from a search perspective, which we don’t think about at all. Thinking about our potential clients and what they look for and how to appeal to them in another way… We really wish we had done this when we were starting out a year ago. It was a great win for us.”

Richard and Lisa had approached us with a goal to boost their website’s SEO and attract new clients. Two months after taking their new site live, we launched their AdWords campaign in a bid to accelerate their growth and stand out in a market flooded with coaches, counselors, and therapists. And, just over four weeks after beginning paid advertising, traffic to their website has more than doubled. On top of increased traffic, visitors are viewing eight times as many pages and staying on the website more than three times as long as they were before the relaunch. Richard and Lisa’s bounce rate has dropped dramatically and one of every four visitors ends up on a contact or scheduling page.

— Lisa Orbé-Austin, Ph.D., Dynamic Transitions
“Becky is a master at helping therapists…”

 “Becky is a master at helping therapists understand how to accomplish big things in small steps. When I met Becky I was intimidated by technology and websites, marketing, newsletters, and article writing. My work with Becky has resulted in a website and marketing plan that I am proud of, and that is fully integrated into my practice. Becky understands the concerns and needs of clients as well; she was great at cutting through psychological jargon so that potential clients could immediately connect with what I had to offer.”

— Kathy Naman, MA, LPC, Boulder, CO
“I just wanted to thank you all at Counseling Wise.”

Bonnie J Sullivan Homepage“I just wanted to thank you all at Counseling Wise. I just realized that the thing that has held me back from writing more on my website and blog is the sheer number of possible topics. Because you requested that I write my webpages in a certain way, it helped me organize my thinking and get into the habit of writing almost every day. I am inspired! Thank you very much!”

— Bonnie J. Sullivan, PhD, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
“I recommend CounselingWise wholeheartedly….”

“Becky DeGrossa has been of enormous help to me in every stage of the process of developing a website for my psychotherapy practice. She showed me how to write content that would speak to the individuals I was trying to reach; she optimized my site so people could find me and she has always been available to answer questions and make changes as the requirements for having an effective online presence continue to evolve. Becky understands the unique issues therapists face as we attempt to have an online presence that maintains our ethical standards and doesn’t compromise our relationships with the people who come to see us. I recommend CounselingWise wholeheartedly.”

— Jane Rubin, Ph. D., Berkeley, CA
“I’m now getting 3-4 calls a week from the Internet.”

“I’m now getting 3-4 calls a week from the Internet. You have brilliantly managed to bring my Google account from the depths of hell to great heights! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” 

 — Dr. Kelly Guthrie, Wichita Falls, TX
“…I am wondering how to pace myself.”

I could hardly breathe by the end of last week because of all the work and I am wondering how to pace myself. Many, many thanks to your team. Excellent work!”

— Gabriele Hilberg, Ph.D. MFT Mountain View, CA
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